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NE Dallas: Casa View

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NE Dallas: Casa View

Postby itsjrd1964 » 11 Sep 2018 22:34

Shop Companies has acquired the Casa View center (the NW, part of the NE, and part of the SE corners) at Ferguson/Gus Thomasson. This shopping area has been in need of modernizing for quite some time, and it looks like there are already changes coming. Currently, a section of the center is getting redone parking areas, landscaping, and new parking lot lighting. The plans in the .pdf look ambitious, but maybe 'ambitious' is what an older center like this needs. Shop is putting $10 million into the project, but isn't yet specific about new/upgraded tenant mix.


Posts: 556
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Re: NE Dallas: Casa View

Postby itsjrd1964 » 01 Mar 2019 18:30

Update on the work:
* New parking lot lighting is in process, not lit at night yet
* New shopping center sign on the NW quadrant along the Ferguson side (no store signs/logos yet)
* Parking area and curbing on NW quadrant being replaced, still in process
* Repair and updating on sidewalk canopy to fix leaks, update underside ceilings, replace lighting with recessed "can" version, still in process
* New trees are being brought in now, being planted in new landscaped beds in between parking strips

Correction from original post:
Not only is ShopCos. over the NW, and parts of the NE and SE corners, they also are over the bulk of the SW corner section. It is not known as of yet whether the facade work for each building on each quadrant that ShopCos. has will match (the SW quadrant's facade, for example, is vastly different from the NW quadrant's), or if each section will remain as-is.

Leasing action:
* An old dollar store has left, and has been replaced with Stone's Ace Hardware within the last month or so; their arrival has generated some in-store and social media buzz, all of it positive
* A medical equipment and supply place has moved out (to a spot out in Garland); unclear what will replace it
* "Workout Anytime" 24-hour gym is coming in to a space, they aren't open yet (they already have a presence in Duncanville, Plano, and Princeton) but are signing up new members at a temporary spot
* Casa Jewelers is moving, but it's not known if they're leaving the center or changing to another space; ShopCos. is trying to repurpose that spot for a restaurant of some kind
* The map on the website shows a 7-Eleven is pegged to come into the SW quadrant, in the spot currently held by Big D Tire shop; nothing more specific on the site as of yet...if this happens, it will be a good addition, as there really isn't a good quality convenience store anywhere on that corner
* The map also shows a Pet Supplies Plus coming to the NW quadrant, where a Rainbow clothing store is now; no specifics yet
* Belzie's, a bar that's been in a space in a short strip on the SE quadrant (seemingly for a while), looks to have closed; the sign is gone and nothing is lit up inside now
* A bingo hall space in the SW quadrant is apparently on its way out, according to the Ace store manager; he wasn't sure what ShopCos. had in store there yet
* A Tacos y Mas restaurant has come in in the last month or so, in a former restaurant space

It's hard to tell from what little is online, what other changes may come as far as leasing or renovations go. One thing that could stand to change, is the Church's Chicken space on the SW quadrant/corner. It is in an awkward spot, and should be moved somewhere like along the Gus Thomasson frontage. It would have more room there.

The new Stone's Ace Hardware space.

New shopping center sign on the Ferguson side of the NW quadrant. Very much needed. No logos have been placed yet, just the "Casa View" naming. Hopefully there will be one of these for the Gus Thomasson side, as the shopping center sign there now is past due for an update.
20190204_140137 (2).jpg

Will try to find out more as things progress.
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