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Re: Legacy West

Postby R1070 » 10 Jan 2019 19:47

I wonder if the stores will be more high end in this building.

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Re: Legacy West

Postby Tnexster » 28 Jan 2019 21:19

Legacy West residential towers near finish line at Plano's hottest corner

https://www.dallasnews.com/business/rea ... inish-line

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Re: Legacy West

Postby itsjrd1964 » 08 Feb 2019 13:24

John Tesar is the seventh local chef to exit Plano's Legacy Hall

https://www.guidelive.com/restaurant-op ... egacy-hall

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Re: Legacy West

Postby DPatel304 » 08 Feb 2019 13:46

Thanks for sharing, that was an interesting read for sure. I've been to the Food Hall a few times, and have loved the experience, and everyone else that visit's it says the same thing, so it is interesting to hear the other side of it.

That's definitely a bit concerning to hear for sure. They definitely appear to be a huge hit, and have a lot going for them, but it seems they might need to rethink a few things and maybe try and make some changes to remain competitive? They are fortunate in that they came in early to the food hall game (especially in DFW), and, not only did they come in early, but they came in big too. They are one of the few places that provides this type of experiences, but, we'll likely see more and more food halls popping up (I'm already seeing a few others crop up, but they are not nearly as big as the Legacy Food Hall), which will provide some serious competition for Legacy Hall.

Anyway, I do hope they find a way to make the food hall work, because I think it's a very cool place. Personally, I prefer something more open that engages with the surrounding and has room to grow (like the Farmer's Market Downtown), but this is still a damn cool place that I often like to take out-of-towners to.

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Re: Legacy West

Postby exelone31 » 08 Feb 2019 15:30

I think some of it may just be the nature of the business as well. I mean, John Tesar (and lots of other notable local chefs) don't really have a great track record for staying in one place for a long time. There are a few exceptions, but it seems like many bounce from place to place.

With Legacy Hall, I would think the barrier to entry (and therefore the barrier to exit) would be lower, so we may see more chefs try it out for a bit, then bail if they aren't a smashing success.

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Re: Legacy West

Postby itsjrd1964 » 09 Feb 2019 10:36

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