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Farmers Branch: news/development

Posted: 26 Feb 2019 18:24
by itsjrd1964
Old warehouses near Dallas' Galleria would be replaced with new apartments

Billingsley is planning 2 sets of apartments west of the Galleria. One, at a warehouse site on Simonton west of Inwood, the other near Simonton/Midway at another warehouse site. ... apartments

Re: Farmers Branch: news/development

Posted: 27 Feb 2019 19:44
by R1070
Farmer's Branch is on fire in the Mercer Crossing area. That area is blowing up!

Re: Farmers Branch: news/development

Posted: 10 Jun 2019 11:51
by derkcir
There is a large development off McEwen road and Midway in Farmers Branch. Does anyone have information on that?

Also, the Farmers Branch development off Alpha and Inwood seems to be moving pretty fast. I think I read on Farmers Branch website that a lot of the warehouses between the tollway/Inwood and Midway are all part of a future planned redevelopment project.