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Plano Preston Road area developments

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Plano Preston Road area developments

Postby The_Overdog » 09 Feb 2017 14:33

This area is just a bit too far from Legacy West to include there, but Plano has approved two more urban oriented/transit oriented developments-without-the-transit in the Preston Road corridor. The first is Mustang Ranch on Ohio/Rasor/121 corner. It will have 500 units of multifamily and 100+ townhomes and will be walkable to Home Depot and Wal-Mart. This one is also notable because it's basically the first urban-development in Plano adjacent to a single family neighborhood that was overwhelmingly supported rather than objected to.

The second is on Preston & Rasor, and will have a doughnut with 300+ multifamily units. The area on Preston & Rasor was already sort of zoned and developed as urban-oriented, and will continue to grow to support this development.

Too bad the new development west of Preston & Headquarters in the same area was just built as traditional suburban - the area between Ohio & Legacy West would be continuously dense if not for that development.

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