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Food deserts / 'Food swamps'

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Food deserts / 'Food swamps'

Postby itsjrd1964 » 19 Aug 2018 09:39

The article refers to the newer 'food swamps' term as:
...areas where fast-food options and convenience stores outnumber healthy food options.

Here's a not-very-surprising but still a telling graphic about where the good food/bad food and deserts/swamps are in Dallas, as well as related levels of mortality.
(sorry the graphic is so big, I couldn't figure out the code to make it smaller)


https://www.dallasnews.com/news/public- ... ood-swamps

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Re: Food deserts / 'Food swamps'

Postby Yak_Forger » 24 Sep 2018 11:31

I've read the article and it's quite great ; to make it shorter, the problem is that low income families have to drive a longer time to buy food, so it's a non-negligible investment in time and money (both directly due to fuel prices, and indirectly due to the fact that the time you take driving to the supermarket is time you're not spending working), which means that these families buy processed, frozen foods so that they don't have to drive there every 3 days but every 3 weeks... and of course, they're suffering from not eating enough fresh veggies, fruits and all other sorts of healthy food. I'm a French expat and we have the same problem "at home", ironically enough, in the countryside ; farms work for big companies, so people can't buy from them, they have to buy food from supermarkets which are far away, which ends up in people in the countryside, ironically enough, not eating enough fresh, healthy food.
Many people are growing veggies, have a chicken coop or something like that, but not everyone can do that (even in the countryside, many households have very little yards, or sometimes don't even have one), which results in ... well, you've gotten the picture by now.

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