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Preservation in Dallas

Posted: 10 May 2018 23:08
by jrd1964
An old house in the Cedars, which was threatened with being torn down, is being reassembled after having been moved from a spot it has occupied since 1885. Some have dubbed it the 'Blue House', as it had been painted that color at some time in the past. Its more formal name has been the Rosenfield House. The house was moved from a precarious spot between I-30 and the east-west part of Griffin to a vacant lot close by at the corner of Browder/Beaumont. Time Warner Cable (now Spectrum) had wanted the land where the house was for a parking lot. ... he-cedars/

The fate of the house, and its eventual move, has gotten a lot of press since more awareness has been made of it. One of its main proponents has been our friend at the DMN, Robert Wilonsky. ... fe-new-lot ... html?amp=y ... he-cedars/ ... source=dam

Re: Preservation in Dallas

Posted: 04 Oct 2018 01:08
by itsjrd1964
Inside City Hall, a rebellion to save Dallas' history before it becomes more vacant lots ... acant-lots