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Short Survey for Dallas project - please help

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Short Survey for Dallas project - please help

Postby Bane » 19 Feb 2018 03:43

Hello dear friends from Dallas, I am working on one smart city project for Dallas and for a purpose of improving traffic during traffic peaks (which is one part of this project), I would much appreciate if you could take part in this 2 minutes survey:


It's not professionally done survey...but I just wanted to get a short insight to what is your perception on this topic.

Thanx a lot in advance.

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Hannibal Lecter
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Re: Short Survey for Dallas project - please help

Postby Hannibal Lecter » 19 Feb 2018 09:59

Cities have been offering services like this for free since the 70's. Years ago there were signs on the highways with a number to call. Never got much traction in DFW for multiple reasons: Multiple employment centers so everyone is going in different directions, non-standardized work schedules and many people need their car for work. Even if it saves you a couple bucks a week on gas who wants to spend 30 minutes each morning and evening driving around picking up and dropping off multiple people?

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Re: Short Survey for Dallas project - please help

Postby utgf » 19 Feb 2018 22:58

Scoop is popular in San Francisco Bay Area providing the same type service. https://www.takescoop.com/

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