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North Texas Colleges and Universities

Posted: 25 Jan 2017 21:48
by tamtagon
We used to have a long thread about the tier 1 research university quest of UTD, UTA and UNT, so here's a reboot along those lines.

As great as I think it would be for UNT to gain tier 1 research university status, reading that a new Visual Arts and Design building is one the way makes me think there may be hope for that university after all. UNT Art and Music is the true strength of that school, and no matter how big and how many resources are poured into business, computer, law, sports, medicine, research whatever etm the true strength of UNT will remain art and music.

Construction on the University of North Texas' new $70 million College of Visual Arts and Design building began Tuesday in a move university officials hope will bolster the college's recruiting efforts.

All the folks being directed to pursue degrees then careers working in an office making boat-loads of money find life satisfaction when they get to relax and enjoy and music... what's the real reward?

Re: North Texas Colleges and Universities

Posted: 07 Jun 2017 07:30
by tamtagon
Thank goodness: ... reditation
On its second try, UNT-Dallas law school gets provisional accreditation
by Nanette Light

...Last year, an advisory committee at the American Bar Association said the law school shouldn't be granted accreditation, citing concerns about the school's finances and its admittance of students whose LSAT scores weren't high enough to show promise in passing the bar exam. ...

The next test comes when the law school's first class of 74 graduates sits for the bar exam scheduled for July.

Re: North Texas Colleges and Universities

Posted: 07 Jun 2017 11:11
by Tivo_Kenevil
Hopefully, UNT Dallas Law gets full accreditation.

Re: North Texas Colleges and Universities

Posted: 27 Nov 2017 08:27
by tamtagon
SO glad to see UNT-Dallas is finding an arena to develop. Bilingual ... las-answer
How can Texas end its bilingual teacher shortage? UNT-Dallas has an answer

Eva-Marie Ayala, Staff Writer

One in five kids struggles with English in the state’s public schools, and they don’t have nearly enough teachers to help them all. So the University of North Texas at Dallas is investing millions to build a bilingual teacher “superhighway” to train more of these badly needed educators through its Emerging Teachers Institute.

...UNT-Dallas’ efforts are part of amped-up efforts across the area to train more bilingual teachers.
Grand Prairie ISD has partnered with the University of Texas at Arlington to offer high school juniors and seniors dual-credit opportunities that also put them on an accelerated path toward becoming bilingual teachers.
And just this month, Dallas County Community College District officials approved an agreement that will let students take teaching courses from Texas A&M University-Commerce at the El Centro College campus in downtown Dallas. The plan is to eventually offer bilingual education and Spanish education certifications.

A population fluent in English and Spanish will be a great advancement as Texas population centers evolve social and cultural leadership for North America. This deal at UNT-Dallas is to help answer the shortage of bilingual teachers at the public school level under-serving/failing the state's bilingual households, but all the colleges should pursue much more; the goal should be K-12 English and Spanish proficiency.