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North Texas Colleges and Universities

Postby tamtagon » 25 Jan 2017 21:48

We used to have a long thread about the tier 1 research university quest of UTD, UTA and UNT, so here's a reboot along those lines.

As great as I think it would be for UNT to gain tier 1 research university status, reading that a new Visual Arts and Design building is one the way makes me think there may be hope for that university after all. UNT Art and Music is the true strength of that school, and no matter how big and how many resources are poured into business, computer, law, sports, medicine, research whatever etm the true strength of UNT will remain art and music.


Construction on the University of North Texas' new $70 million College of Visual Arts and Design building began Tuesday in a move university officials hope will bolster the college's recruiting efforts.

All the folks being directed to pursue degrees then careers working in an office making boat-loads of money find life satisfaction when they get to relax and enjoy and music... what's the real reward?

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