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the Cotton Belt line

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Re: the Cotton Belt line

Postby electricron » 18 May 2018 08:38

jeffbrown2002 wrote:That's absolutely true but I would imagine that hurdle could be overcome (if there were any political will for it) with a cooperative agreement between DART and DCTA for trains between Dallas and Denton, similar to how the Trinity Railway Express operates between Dallas and Fort Worth and is funded by both DART and FWTA.

Again it's highly unlikely, for a number of different reasons, but not completely impossible either.

The DCTA, DART, and FWTA are different agencies financed to deliver tranist services by different cities. While it is true the TRE is half owned by FWTA and DART, and that they basically share the expenses to operate the trains 50-50 ..............it's important to remember how it originated.
Step 1, the Rock Island RR built and ran the line well over 50 years.
Step 2, the Rock Island RR entered bankruptcy
Step 3 and 4, the City of Fort Worth and the City of Dallas purchased the ROW within Dallas and Tarrant Counties respectively.
Step 5, both cities demanded the transit agencies servicing them to make the TRE happen or else. ;)
Step 6, the TRE became a reality as the transit agencies negotiated the 50-50 ratio of all responsibilities.

I don't think DART or the FWTA would have created TRE without the proactive steps taken and later demands from both cities. It was something both cities wanted to happen, and with the full political power of civic leaders from both cities behind it, the transit agencies couldn't delay it or prolong its implementation. Golly, the cities even purchased the ROW for them.

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Re: the Cotton Belt line

Postby Haretip » 18 May 2018 12:28

Ah, but you make them sound so altruistic. Don't forget that they make money by charging the TRE (and the other railroads) for use of the tracks. It'd help the transit agencies' bottom line if the Cities of D and FW would sell or donate the line to them.
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