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by dontbringmedown
27 Mar 2020 15:24
Forum: Urban Development
Topic: Deep Ellum 1.0
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Re: Deep Ellum 1.0

Landlords still have to repay their loans and keep insurance policies active. Are any banks freezing mortgages? Are insurance providers freezing payments? The effect of this crisis on the market will ripple all the way up the food chain. I agree that this is a generational opportunity to re-evaluate...
by dontbringmedown
30 Jan 2020 14:12
Forum: Rail + Guided Transit
Topic: Dallas Area Rapid Transit
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Re: Dallas Area Rapid Transit

Verizon has been working on plans for a big mixed use development the south side of this station for years. Wouldn't be surprised if the DART work is an indicator of other things about to break loose.
by dontbringmedown
13 Dec 2019 17:39
Forum: The Parks, Trails, + Miscellaneous Infrastructure
Topic: Reverchon Park
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Re: Reverchon Park

Second on the bike tunnel idea. Way better than the current proposal I saw recently go under 35 @ Victory and put a pedestrian bridge down Hi Line Blvd. There's a lot of underutilized space in Reverchon. I don't mind ballfields because you can use the space for more than one kind of sport but it tak...
by dontbringmedown
05 Dec 2019 11:35
Forum: The Bus + Roads/Highways/Bridges
Topic: I-345
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Re: I-345

Burying or depressing the freeway creates another obstacle to running a D2 subway through downtown, will cost more money than a tear down, and will further delay future infrastructure improvements in the entire city. Tear it down and re-stitch the street grid(which is a hot mess downtown) and fully ...