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by deweast
28 May 2020 14:09
Forum: Urban Development
Topic: Deep Ellum: Epic ~ Knights of Pythias Temple
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Re: Deep Ellum: Epic ~ Knights of Pythias Temple

Anyone have any intel on what is being fabricated in the sub basement of this building. It appears to be perhaps a filtering process or some sort of special need that Uber has designated. :idea: ?
by deweast
23 Dec 2018 19:40
Forum: Urban Development
Topic: Parking Garages
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Re: Parking Garages

Videoboard SIgn Renewal
by deweast
20 Sep 2018 21:05
Forum: Urban Development
Topic: Downtown Dallas: AMLI Fountain Place (562 FT / 46 ST)
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Re: Downtown Dallas: AMLI Fountain Place (562 FT / 46 ST)

You are absolutely right....KWP has played a huge role in making all that has happen in that area over the last 10 years come to pass. At the early presentation stage it was roundly critiqued as a boondoggle and a waste of time and effort...where are those folks now, oh I know, enjoying the park for...
by deweast
17 Sep 2018 12:53
Forum: Urban Development
Topic: Northpark Center
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Re: Northpark Center

I used to live in Big Canyon and would ride my bike over to Fashion Island just for the enjoyment of the experience. It is really something special. That said; the only place it would work is in the part of the country that has the best weather on the planet. Without that, the whole outside mall suf...
by deweast
16 Sep 2018 15:08
Forum: Urban Development
Topic: Knox / Henderson - Knox Street Side
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Re: Knox / Henderson - Knox Street Side

Anybody know what the status is of Alliance Residential's block size project south of Cole and Armstrong? I believe it received planning approval in the Spring. Has it gotten final approval since then? They worked hard with the neighbors to “fit” in but if the final decision has posted on the forum,...
by deweast
07 Aug 2018 15:14
Forum: Urban Development
Topic: Oak Lawn
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Re: Oak Lawn

Also appears the Firebird Restaurant Group is remodeling the out of business Marina space for a new entry named Tullum Kitchen. No details on what sort of menu, but it is coming. Marina was located in The Shops of Highland Park.
by deweast
18 Jun 2018 12:13
Forum: Urban Development
Topic: Uptown Dallas: Business Openings and Closings
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Re: Uptown Dallas: Business Openings and Closings

It is on the high end....but it is the best in the area. It is out of the Hillstone (Houstons) profile and Hillstone is also on the "high end" but they deliver....EVERY TIME. I have been to Doc B's twice, once for lunch and once for dinner and they delivered both times.