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by fractal
05 Dec 2017 22:08
Forum: City Issues/News
Topic: Downtown Progress
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Re: Downtown Progress

If you haven't read the updated plan yet, there's some good stuff for anyone paying attention starting ~pg 50. -shows orientation of future perot museum building. -removal of field ramp from woodall -orientation of South Asian museum and highrise. "Design dart train portal to facilitate develop...
by fractal
03 Aug 2017 21:09
Forum: Urban Development
Topic: Arts District: 1900 Pearl (362 FT | 25 ST)
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Re: Arts District: 1900 Pearl (362 FT | 25 ST)

Do I hate it? No. Do I like it? Eh?? Is it basic, background, filler architecture? You betcha. Does it compete with, or subtract from the myerson (as was the intent)? Not even a little. But on such a prominent corner? Next to KWP? Eeeeehhhh...
by fractal
01 Jun 2017 12:10
Forum: Urban Development
Topic: Northpark Center
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Re: Northpark Center

I still think a great hotel at Northpark would be a huge hit with all the Canada and Mexico shoppers coming here as well as other tourist. I thought at one time there was talk about a Four Seasons with a condo tower. Hotel definitely. I recently worked at Northpark, and there is a huge internationa...