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by f4shionablecha0s
19 Feb 2018 17:01
Forum: Urban Development
Topic: Victory Park 3.0
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Re: Victory Park 3.0

Developer pitching new office project in Dallas' Victory Park https://www.dallasnews.com/business/real-estate/2018/02/19/developer-pitching-new-office-project-dallas-victory-park Developers in Dallas' Victory Park have just built four new apartment towers, a movie theater and additional retail. Now...
by f4shionablecha0s
30 Jan 2018 22:14
Forum: Rail + Guided Transit
Topic: DALLAS to HOUSTON High Speed Rail
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Re: DALLAS to HOUSTON High Speed Rail

It appears to be very isolated from the Cedars, even more isolated from downtown. It's at least a 1/2 mile walk to the nearest DART station(s). What? Are we looking at the same site plan? It looks pretty damn convenient to both Convention Center and Cedars stations to me... The only problem is that...
by f4shionablecha0s
27 Jan 2018 11:52
Forum: Urban Development
Topic: Could Dallas land Amazon HQ '2'?
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Re: Could Dallas land Amazon HQ '2'?

"Dallas Mayor Rawlings was one. Among his points: Dallas has been growing faster than any city in the country and fast growth is a factor that both it and Amazon share. "Nobody has grown faster or created more jobs than us," he said. Does Rawlings intentionally obfuscate Dallas and D...
by f4shionablecha0s
10 Dec 2017 18:01
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Forum Activity
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Re: Forum Activity

For the love of god can someone please do something about the piss poor design of this website? I've been coming here since 2003 and I'm now down to about once a month because it's so frustrating to use. WHY IS THERE A BLACK BAR ON THE LEFT HAND SIDE OF MY BROWSER THAT IS PARTIALLY OBSCURING THE TEX...
by f4shionablecha0s
10 Dec 2017 17:57
Forum: Urban Development
Topic: Museum Tower
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Re: Museum Tower

If the tower had sold out quickly we'd all be tsk tsking about how they did a firesale at a loss just to get rid of the thing. Instead, they choose to maintain their margin and do a slow burn on the sales so we tsk tsk about the slow rate of sales. I see absolutely nothing wrong with Museum Tower ch...
by f4shionablecha0s
10 Dec 2017 17:54
Forum: Urban Development
Topic: Downtown Dallas: Thanks-Giving Square
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Re: Downtown Dallas: Thanks-Giving Square

Phillip Johnson was such a hack. I don't think Thanksgiving Square can be saved from the incredibly stupid design choices. Why not bulldoze it and start over? Hell, with so many other parks going in why not just sell it to someone so they can put a new tower on the site?
by f4shionablecha0s
29 Jul 2017 20:48
Forum: Site Issues + Feedback
Topic: Site UI, UX and formatting
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Re: Site UI, UX and formatting

Seriously, what can we do to fix the coathanger abortion of a user interface this forum has now? What exactly is the purpose of the "Dm" black bar currently obscuring part of the text entry box I'm using right now? Why is the banner at the top of the page so ludicrously huge? Why do I have...
by f4shionablecha0s
26 May 2017 22:03
Forum: Urban Development
Topic: AT&T Discovery District
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Re: AT&T Discovery District


AT&T experimenting with LEDs.

Click the picture if you want to see the photo upright... strange forum bug...
by f4shionablecha0s
23 Mar 2017 15:12
Forum: Urban Development
Topic: Deep Ellum: Epic ~ Knights of Pythias Temple
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Re: Deep Ellum: Epic ~ Knights of Pythias Temple

Hard to believe DART, the city or any entity would just get rid of a station on this side of Deep Ellum. It's not hard to believe at all. That station gets almost no passengers when you look at the numbers. It also doesn't serve Deep Ellum nearly as well as the Baylor station does. Shutting it down...
by f4shionablecha0s
17 Mar 2017 09:50
Forum: Urban Development
Topic: Downtown Dallas: Retail
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Re: Downtown Dallas: Retail

Neiman's has been owned by outsiders for decades. If the downtown store wasn't a net positive (including the positive impact on the overall brand) it would have been closed long ago.
by f4shionablecha0s
15 Feb 2017 16:41
Forum: Rail + Guided Transit
Topic: DART D2 Subway
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Re: DART D2 Subway

CTroyMathis wrote:
muncien wrote:I've got a silly question that maybe one of our knowledgeable rail contributors can speak to...
Can the modern street cars run on the existing DART LRT tracks?


But I doubt the floor of the street cars lines up with the platforms at the LRT stations.
by f4shionablecha0s
10 Feb 2017 11:11
Forum: City Issues/News
Topic: Rankings and Quality of Life
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Re: Rankings and Quality of Life

tamtagon wrote:A big multi-'player' inland port like Alliance Airport would be fantastic in South Dallas....

It was attempted. Alliance killed it.

by f4shionablecha0s
27 Jan 2017 12:32
Forum: The Airports
Topic: Dallas Love Field Airport
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Re: Dallas Love Field Airport

Here's a fun Jetrail video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Q5T1_sUy1s Building some sort of people mover from the terminal to Bachman Station seems inevitable, but I really don't understand why all the concepts are in a tunnel. Is that to make the trip time the shortest possible? The view of down...
by f4shionablecha0s
26 Jan 2017 16:02
Forum: Urban Development
Topic: Downtown Dallas: The Drever
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Re: Downtown Dallas: The Drever

lakewoodhobo wrote:The Drever website is live: https://thedreverdallas.com/

The website says: "Juxtaposed near luxury iconic Dallas retailers, Neiman Marcus and Forty Five Ten..."

Juxtaposed. So, what, they're gonna have a Foot Locker and a Sears?
by f4shionablecha0s
23 Jan 2017 10:52
Forum: Rail + Guided Transit
Topic: DART D2 Subway
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Re: DART D2 Subway

Having an alignment that is under 3-4 blocks away from the current alignment is just pointless and wasteful. The only alignments that make any sort of sense or Young and Wood. lol classic DART thinking. Instead of serving any one area extremely well we always choose to provide mediocre service to t...
by f4shionablecha0s
11 Jan 2017 10:24
Forum: City Issues/News
Topic: Dallas: The Thread
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Re: Dallas Bankruptcy Threat

tanzoak wrote:They've probably lost more money with the waiting than they would have if they had just cut prices by 15% or whatever.

I'd bet you a hundred bucks that they have hired consultants to perform that analysis and they disagree with you.