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by DFW
11 Jul 2018 14:44
Forum: Urban Development
Topic: Downtown Dallas: AMLI Fountain Place (562 FT / 46 ST)
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Re: Downtown Dallas: AMLI Fountain Place (562 FT / 46 ST)

I noticed that construction has stalled for about the last three weeks at the top. Does this mean that the tower is about to get started from the top of the base and just takes more time? Sorry if I missed it, but I hope no miscalculation has occurred.
by DFW
21 Apr 2018 05:39
Forum: Urban Development
Topic: Cityplace East: ACS/Xerox redevelopment
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Re: Cityplace East: ACS/Xerox redevelopment

I know the structure height of 895 may not be allowed by the FAA. I’m thinking they are testing the FAA to determine how high is allowed for this location. Remember what Harwood International did with those tall towers Uptown.
by DFW
12 Jan 2018 06:57
Forum: Urban Development
Topic: Could Dallas land Amazon HQ '2'?
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Re: Could Dallas land Amazon HQ '2'?

Anyone know when Amazon will make the announcement for HQ2?