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by dallasbeatsaustin
16 Jan 2020 18:03
Forum: Urban Development
Topic: Lower Greenville Development
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Re: Lower Greenville Development

http://dallas.culturemap.com/news/restaurants-bars/01-13-20-tango-frogs-taco-cabana/?fbclid=IwAR3xoh5tCyqnOiVCJVO30Mtakzq8VSDtUHUUZgWYBhtjRhJmPHp6-17msp0 UPDATE 1-16-2020: According to a statement from Taco Cabana, the outcome of the Tango Frogs is still TBD. "At Taco Cabana we understand the ...
by dallasbeatsaustin
26 Mar 2019 09:14
Forum: Urban Photography + Videography
Topic: Old Footage of Dallas
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Re: Old Footage of Dallas

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nC_reaiwbIM I don't remember this being posted before, but it's gold. It is a 70's Soviet documentary on life in Dallas that devolves into JFK conspiracy stuff by the end. I saw and translated this when I worked at the Dallas Historical Society years ago, but had comp...
by dallasbeatsaustin
03 Oct 2018 22:12
Forum: The Airports
Topic: DFW Airport
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Re: DFW Airport

Come on, direct DFW-CDG flights? Meanwhile, I can't get a decent flight when visiting distant relatives in Russia because everything goes through Moscow... At least it will make the flights between Dallas and home much more convenient, and on Air France nonetheless! I just hope they won't follow th...
by dallasbeatsaustin
05 Jul 2018 11:01
Forum: Urban Development
Topic: Deep Ellum 1.0
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Re: Deep Ellum 1.0

https://www.nbcdfw.com/news/local/Property-Owner-Paints-Over-Deep-Ellum-Mural-Depicting-US-Marines-487000611.html Similar things have happened in DE before. The "Ace Parking" lot used to be an international street/graffiti artist destination until it was shut down about a decade ago. This ...
by dallasbeatsaustin
08 May 2018 11:38
Forum: Urban Development
Topic: Downtown Dallas: City Lights
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Re: Downtown Dallas: City Lights

Thanks for the update! The fringes of Deep Ellum are getting seriously dense. It's great to see this level of development spread outside of the uptown. A wild fantasy of mine, is to imagine all these neigborhoods (Deep Ellum, Uptown, Oak Lawn, Knox / Henderson, extending south through the Cedars an...
by dallasbeatsaustin
19 Jan 2018 14:26
Forum: Urban Development
Topic: Could Dallas land Amazon HQ '2'?
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Re: Could Dallas land Amazon HQ '2'?

Our family lives near UT. My wife works at a decent-sized tech company near Zilker Park and she is the only person who takes the bus out of around 300 employees at the office (this is because she does not drive). In general, unless you are going to UT campus or on an express bus, the bus service is ...
by dallasbeatsaustin
06 Jan 2018 22:13
Forum: Suburban + Exurban Development
Topic: Las Colinas/North Irving Development
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Re: Las Colinas/North Irving Development

Is that the same Londoner Pub as the one in Addison?
by dallasbeatsaustin
05 Jan 2018 10:41
Forum: Urban Development
Topic: Downtown Dallas: Statler Hotel & Residences + Future DMN Offices (Old Statler Hilton + Old Library)
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Re: Downtown Dallas: Statler Hotel & Residences + Future DMN Offices (Old Statler Hilton + Old Library)

The only building that the Statler reminds me of in shape and size is the Hotel Uzbekistan in Tashkent, although the Statler is still bigger, I think. Mid-Century, soviet style.
by dallasbeatsaustin
03 Jan 2018 00:00
Forum: Urban Development
Topic: DISD Administration Building
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Re: DISD Administration Building

Tnexster wrote:Ross needs a streetcar line running into downtown.

Yes, yes, and yes. Also, the Ross at Peak Thrift store was pack with millennials buying furniture last week.
by dallasbeatsaustin
09 Feb 2017 10:23
Forum: Rail + Guided Transit
Topic: DALLAS to HOUSTON High Speed Rail
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Re: DALLAS to HOUSTON High Speed Rail

Yeah, 35 is bad. So bad my parents have started taking Amtrak just to visit for the weekend. Just imagine a high speed train that is a straight shot and did not have to take the weird route through Taylor.
by dallasbeatsaustin
08 Feb 2017 21:48
Forum: Urban Development
Topic: Downtown Dallas: Scion Hotel
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Re: Downtown Dallas: Scion Hotel

Yeah, politics certainly does matter in urban development. From Robert Moses to Stalin to Trammel Crow, it matters. However, when I make a post political here I do scold myself afterwards because I enjoy this forum as an apolitical haven. As for this concept, I do like it.
by dallasbeatsaustin
01 Feb 2017 12:48
Forum: Urban Development
Topic: North Dallas: Midtown
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Re: North Dallas: Midtown

Wait, I though they determined that removing the murals would essentially destroy them for purposes of preservation? Something about the concrete used to set the art work.
by dallasbeatsaustin
31 Jan 2017 12:51
Forum: City Issues/News
Topic: DFW Economy
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Re: DFW Economy

Many of my innovative friends and colleagues are trying to figure out whether or not visas and Green Cards matter anymore. Yeah, growth is going to be huge on the current track.
by dallasbeatsaustin
15 Dec 2016 15:31
Forum: Urban Development
Topic: Downtown Dallas: Courtyard by Marriott (12 St)
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Re: Downtown Dallas: Couryard by Marriot -12 Stories

Very ugly, but I can't stop looking at it. Late Stalinist architecture combined with a multi-story storage facility.
by dallasbeatsaustin
13 Dec 2016 16:33
Forum: City Issues/News
Topic: DFW in the Media
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Re: DFW in the Media

Costal papers have always overlooked the diversity, political and otherwise, of Texas cities. Still, the main point was that Marcus was quite an extraordinary figure for his time and that did put him in opposition to many Texas power brokers, especially once Shivers began to split up the Democratic ...
by dallasbeatsaustin
01 Dec 2016 23:30
Forum: Suburban + Exurban Development
Topic: Las Colinas/North Irving Development
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Re: Las Colinas/North Irving Development

I am glad to see that it will have "hiking trails and a small pond." However, this means that no more Pioneer employees will fall into Lake Carolyn while they are jogging :mrgreen: . While staying in the Urban Center would have been great, it makes sense and I hope the new headquarters get...
by dallasbeatsaustin
25 Oct 2016 23:20
Forum: Urban Development
Topic: Arts District: 1900 Pearl (362 FT | 25 ST)
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Re: Arts District: 1900 Pearl (362 FT | 25 ST)

So, we are about halfway?